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Google Spreadsheets for SEO // Link To Sheets
Forecasting SEO Impacts

Forecasting SEO Impacts on Organic Traffic

Stop guessing! Yes, forecasting SEO is hard but extremely useful. This spreadsheet uses basic statistical methods and historic traffic data to reveal the direction the...
Extract data from Wikipedia

How to Extract Data from Wikipedia and Wikidata

Wikipedia is a trusted source of information that ranks for the majority of two-word search queries, so looking at its data can reveal trends...
Download Search Analytics data

Download all search queries and landing pages from Google Search Console

This post shows you how to set up automatic monthly backups of Search Analytics data from Google Search Console. Spoiler alert: No coding skills...
Web Scraping

Web Scraping Using ImportXML in Google Spreadsheets

This tutorial shows you how to scrape web pages by using Google Spreadsheets instead of using web scraping tools. The suggested method is very...
301 Redirect Generator

Simple 301 Redirect Generator for htaccess in Google Spreadsheets

Use 301 redirects to protect hardly gained positions in search results and don’t let visitors find your certainly awesome 404 page. This straightforward 301...