Robin Rozhon

SEO Strategist

City: Vancouver, BC
Education: Technical University of Ostrava
Interests: Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, the Internet, Travelling, Movies
Certificates: Google Individual Qualification, AdWords Certification

I'm an SEO Strategist who enjoys technical aspects of SEO and web analytics because you can't optimize anything if you don't measure it.

I first became interested in the World Wide Web at the high school during an HTML class. At the University, classes were more focused on real programming languages such as Java and SQL, however, I never felt like a programmer and kept focusing on web development and web design. After my first year at the university, my friend and I started building websites for clients (Skrč to studio). It was a great source of income and I was eager to improve my skills so I spent nights in light of computer screens. I quickly realized that having a great looking website with cool functionalities is not the end. Every website needs visitors to fulfill its purpose (capturing leads, generating revenue, etc.). My focus shifted from web development and web design towards SEO, web analytics, and the complexity of online marketing. After a couple years, I decided to give up a part of my income and get a grasp of how top professionals work so I applied for an internship at It's been a great experience and sharpened my skills. At that time, there was an opportunity to work for Web Consulting, so I accepted the offer for 6 months because I was eager to face new challenges and already decided to move to Vancouver where I started working at GuaranteedSEO as the SEO Specialist in November 2014. After two great years, I decided to switch an agency environment and start working in-house because I'd never done it so I accepted a job offer from MEC. I always seek to extend my knowledge and skills because digital marketing is a fast-paced and constantly changing discipline, and SEO is just a part of it. It's crucial to plan a complex strategy and not to be focused only on one channel.
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